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Payment Security

At, we prioritise both the security of your payments and the value of your money. We take payment security seriously and utilise SSL encryption technology, which is recognised as one of the best methods to ensure secure and private online transactions. With multi-dimensional encryption, it is virtually impossible to steal card details or tamper with the payment gateway. Our payment gateway is verified by VISA, and we adhere to the guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry to ensure a secure payment process.

Rest assured, none of the payment information you enter during the payment process is stored in our database. Our backend team is strictly prohibited from accessing or collecting any personal information about our customers without a valid reason. You can trust our payment gateway, and we guarantee that your card details and identity information will not be disclosed from our side. However, in the event of any legal requirement, we may be obligated to disclose such information.

Anti-Spam Policy:

We fully support and abide by the anti-spam regulations and do not engage in promoting or sending any form of junk or spam emails to our customers unless they have specifically agreed to receive promotional offers during the account creation process. You may receive newsletters from our website informing you about the addition of new products or services, but only if you have subscribed to them. If you receive any promotional emails that you find inappropriate, please contact us immediately, and we will address the issue promptly. You will not receive any further promotional emails thereafter.

At, we believe in educating and raising awareness about spam emails to ensure the safety of our website visitors. Here are some basic tips to avoid spam calls, messages, and emails:

  1. Have a suspicious eye: Be cautious of suspicious emails and messages, especially those requesting personal or financial information.
  2. Keep Nodding ‘No’ to Abusive Mails: Do not respond to or engage with abusive or offensive emails. Delete them immediately.
  3. Switch on the spam blockers: Enable spam filters and blockers provided by your email service or software to reduce the influx of unwanted emails.
  4. Never forget to unsubscribe from unwanted or irrelevant email subscriptions to minimise the chances of receiving spam.
  5. Don’t Ignore the Cookies: Manage your browser’s cookie settings to control the information websites can collect about your online activities.
  6. Use IP-Locks: Take advantage of IP-locking features provided by to enhance security and protect against unauthorised access.
  7. Don’t Be Personal While Working: Avoid sharing personal information online or responding to unsolicited requests for personal details.
  8. Keep Updated: Stay informed about the latest trends and practises related to online security and spam prevention.

By implementing these measures, you can enhance your protection against spam and maintain a safe online experience.

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